Carl Rogers

An Open Letter to the Crawford County Mental Health Center:

December, 1986

Perhaps our most precious treasure—in large part a buried treasure—is the potential that exists within us as a people. We have the capacity to face the facts, to understand ourselves, to make wise choices, to live in a harmonious relationship with our fellow men and women.

We have knowledge—not perfect, but a usable knowledge—of the psychological environment which can release these capacities. This growth-promoting climate is created by persons who are real and genuine, sensitively understanding, and who have a caring concern for those with whom they are working.

I hope that the staff of the Mental Health Center—the administrative, professional, and support staff—can become increasingly able to create such a nurturing climate. I hope they can be fully present as real persons, to those with whom they deal.

I know that this is a goal we can only work toward—not a goal we can fully achieve. But I have found it helpful to recognize that What I am is good enough, if I can only be it, openly.

I wish you success.

Carl R. Rogers, Ph.D.

Resident Fellow